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Professional References

Professional references include supervisors, co-workers, Human Resources, internship coordinators and other individuals with whom you have worked. You can include individuals with whom you have interacted on a professional level such as peers at other companies, clients, customers, vendors, etc.

Fully enhance your resume and include verification of your education and employment through Human Resources in your E-Reference Check.

In the next step, choose "Education verification" or "HR verification of employment" from the Occupational Category dropdown menu. Enter contact information for the Registrar or Guidance department associate that will confirm your education. Enter contact information for the HR associate that will confirm your employment.  

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Personal References

Personal references are individuals who have dealt with you in an environment other than in the workplace.

Engage professors, teachers, instructors, volunteer activity, preceptors, mentors, coaches, civic organizations and others. 

Personal references are valuable resources that can highlight your abilities and character. There are a number of people with whom you have interacted that can serve as a reference.

Add value to your personal brand. Gain experience. Interact with individuals and obtain recommendations from people who can highlight additional information about you as a person.


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